A.D.D.: The Last D is for Disorder

D is for Disorder


ADD: the last D is for Disorder is the third episode of Clone High. It was written by Tom Martin and originally aired on Sunday, November 3rd, 2002.


On a very special Clone High, Gandhi's dreams of being a dancer are hindered, when he gets diagnosed with A.D.D.


Ghandi had fun putting food in his nose and making this funny to Abe but not to Joan . Later have Cleo and JFK told that the Awareness Fair will start . But JFK didn't want to kiss fatties and he and Cleo broke-up again. Abe have made a company to her in rose garden . Gandhi have later make mess and noise during history test so mister Sheepman sends him to principal. But when Gandhi is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) from mister Butlertron, the students of Clone High begin to ostracize him acting like its AIDS. Even Mary Curie have warn Gandhi to be careful. Soon the parents have capture Gandhi and put him in a institution.Abe must decide whether to please Cleo by doing the same, or to stand up for his "best dude 4 ever" and lose any chance of being with Cleo. Finally on the fair Abe decided to kiss Gandhi to prove that he loves him. People have than decide that hating people gay people is better .

Meanwhile, Joan struggles with living up to the legacy of her 15th century clone mother, and begins hearing strange religious voices in her head. She went nuts but later reveals that her braceless have taking signals from a Christian radio station actually .

Also, Principal Scudworth starts wearing Mr. Butlertron's sweater vest, in the belief that it gives him the power to relate to the students of Clone High. But all the emotions and water from eyes made him scared.


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  • It's revealed that Gandhi has A.D.D. Here, his simple neurological disorder is treated like a major disease, specifically AIDS. People fear touching him and getting too close to him, with the fear that they might catch his A.D.D. People use terms like "A.D.D. attack" and "Terminal A.D.D.", when talking about his disorder.
  • Mr. Butlertron's sweater vest presumably has the power to make whoever's wearing it exceedingly likable. The legitimacy of this is somewhat questionable, as Butlertron strongly denied this being the case. However, when Principal Scudworth put it on, and used it on JFK, a aura of power emitted from him and it seemed to convince JFK to open up to him.
  • Cleo and JFK break up.
  • Abe Lincoln and Gandhi have apparently been best friends, ever since they were babies.
  • It's revealed Gandhi is Jewish.
  • First time the Original Abraham Lincoln contacts Abe Lincoln. Here, his picture on the five dollar bill talks to Abe, telling him that he knows what to do.


Historic ReferencesEdit

  • Joan of Arc starts hearing religious voices, apparently coming from God. This is a reference to the original Jean D'arc, claiming to be hearing voices from God.
  • Jesús Cristo works in woodshop, in reference to the original Jesus being a carpenter. He later impales his hand with a nail in reference to his crucifixion.
  • Paul Revere goes around, riding a horse, announcing that Gandhi has A.D.D., in the same fashion as his clonefather did, when announcing "The British are Coming!"
  • A woman at the PTA meeting says, "I don't want that diseased freak going near my Attila!" about Gandhi. Presumably, this is Attila the Hun's foster mom, and Attila is a student at the school.
  • Abe Lincoln's license plate reads "MNCIPATE", in reference to Abraham Lincoln enforcing the Emancipation Proclamation.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The scene where Abe was driving in his car and has flashbacks of his past with Gandhi parodies the scene from Rocky IV, where Rocky goes for a drive to clear his mind of Appolo's death.