A Room of One's Clone: Pie of the Storm

A Room of One's Own


A Room of ones Clone: Pie of the Storm is the 8th episode of Clone High. It was written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and originally aired on Sunday December 15th 2002.


Joan's house is destroyed in a storm. Gandhi and JFK have a falling out over who gets to be the "pervert" of their friendship. Scudworth gets a robotic puppy, which makes Mr. B jealous.




Major RolesEdit

Minor RolesEdit


  • The first half of the title is a pun on "A Room of One's Own" and the second half is a pun on "The Eye of the Storm".
  • A running gag is for people to keep repeating the phrase "Storm's a Brewin'".
  • Joan is a vegetarian.
  • Joan's House burns down, so she and Toots move into Cleo's House, after Toots and Cleo's Foster Mom start dating.
  • Cleo's bedroom mirror is in the shape of a vagina.
  • It's implied that Cleo stuffs her shirt with toilet paper, to make her breasts appear larger.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Mr. Butlertron sings "Walking on Sunshine".
  • Cybo Pooch is very similar to the Poochie toy robotic dogs.
  • Abe refers to the trope, This is my Side.
  • When Joan, Cleo, Gandhi and JFK are running down the street and have switched clothes it is a reference to the Benny Hill Show.

Historical ReferencesEdit

  • Toots says he built his house like Noah built his arc, ready for a flood.
  • Joan's house burning down is a reference to the original Jeanne D'arc getting burned at the steak.