A Room of ones Clone: Pie of the Storm is the 8th episode of Clone High. It was written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and originally aired on Sunday December 15th 2002.


Joan's house burns down and so she has to move in with Cleo and her mom, however they are constantly fighting. Meanwhile Gandhi and JFK fight over the use of boob jokes and then later over the "peeping bush" outside of Joan and Cleo's room. Also Scudworth has a new robotic puppy which gets Mr.B jelouse. All this fighting inspires Abe to take a conflict mediation semenar.


Stop Harkin Doo Da Day by Mad City

Benny Hill Theme


pencil drawing from this episode


  • When Joan, Cleo, Gandhi and JFK are running down the street and have switched clothes it is a reference to the Benny Hill Show.
  • Ecybo Pooch is very simmilar to the Poochie toy robotic dogs.
  • When Joan, Abe and Cleo are talking in Cleo's room, Cleo's mirror/vanity and seat form the shape of female genitalia.

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