Abandoned pools

Abandoned Pools are a rock band primarily and often solely consisting of frontman Tommy Walter. In 2002, Walter wrote and performed the theme song for Clone High. He also voiced himself in a brief appearance in the final episode.

After the show's cancellation, Walter started work in 2004 to record his next album. After the release of a few demos, the full album, Armed to the Teeth, was released in September 2005.

Walter quit work on Abandoned Pools and created a number of side projects until 2011, when he announced work on a new album. The album, titled Sublime Currency, was released on August 28, 2012.

The fourth album, Somnambulist, was released on July 9, 2013.


A fictionalized version of the band appear at the end of Changes: The Big Prom: the Sex Romp: the Season Finale with a dolphin as one of the guitar players. At the order of Principal Scudworth, they play the song Start Over as all the students and Board of Shadowy Figures conga into the freezer and are frozen.

A number of other songs from their 2001 album Humanistic are featured in the background of the show including:

  • Blood
  • Never
  • Suburban Muse
  • Sunny Day

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