Abraham "Abe" Lincoln

Abe Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (clonefather)
Abe's Foster Mom (foster mom)
Abe's Foster Dad (foster dad)
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Voiced By
Will Forte

Abe Lincoln is the main character of Clone High. He is the 16 year old clone of the 16th US president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Like his original counterpart, Abe is known for his honesty and great leadership. Ironically, Abe himself, is sadly mislead, believing his girlfriend Cleo to be a true friend, even though she treats him horribly and only loved him for his popularity. Abe's only two true friends are Joan of Arc and Gandhi, though he doesn't seem to differentiate them from the popular crowd. All in all, Abe is a nice guy, but being a growing teenager, he is confused and has struggles with trying to find out who he is. His guiding light is his original clonefather, who he tries to follow in the footsteps of.


Abe is awkward, kind, shy, and naive teenager. Generally a nobody at school who is in love with the hottest girl at school Cleopatra. He hangs out with Joan of Arc and Gandhi who are also outcasts. Though he does get general respect from his classmates they hardly ever acknowledge his presence. Abe drives a White Lincoln Continental.


Abe is seen wearing a white t-shirt with a blue collar and blue sleeves, long, baggy cargo jeans and sneakers. He is very tall, skinny and gangling. He has messy brown hair and a scruffy black chin-strap beard and a mole that appears to switch sides at time. A joke is that he has a very light weight, weighing only 104 pounds despite his tall height, Cleo easily picked him up in her arms after he invited her to the Prom.


Abe is shown as very shy, awkward, reluctant and insecure about his abilities. He can be described as a "pushover", he always wants to do the right thing but will easily cave into peer pressure. He is very nice and shows patience and kindness towards others even when they are mean or vain towards him. He is shown to have a more aggressive side and has lost his temper at times. He is very naive and oblivious to obvious facts such as Joan's crush on him that is known by everyone else except himself.


Joan of ArcEdit

Joan of Arc has been one of Abe's best friends since childhood. Throughout the the series he is completely unaware that she is obviously in love with him. In the season finale two partner he actually falls for Joan.


Gandhi and Abe have been friends since they were babies and even share "Best Duded 4-Ever" lockets. It is clear that Abe and Gandhi would do anything for each other. In Sleep of Faith Gandhi and Joan give Abe an intervention about his sleeping habits, and in A.D.D Abe kisses Gandhi in front of everyone so that Gandhi will be excepted again.


In the first few episodes Abe is seen trying to win over Cleopatra, but she keeps changing her mind between him and JFK. Eventually they do become girlfriend and boyfriend until the last episode when Abe finds he is in love with Joan. however before this he is completely exhausted with her and is very easily manipulated by her, most apparent in Sleep of Faith . He once described there relationship as "A fiery passion most people know but once in a life time".


JFK and Abe have had an ongoing rivalry since the first episode, constantly fighting over Cleo. In Litter Kills: Litterally Abe helps JFK with dealing with the loss of Ponce. There rivalry seems to end from there on.

Original Abraham LincolnEdit

Abe's biggest struggle in the series in living up to the real Abraham Lincoln. Though Abe is intelligent and ethical in his own right he lacks the wisdom, charisma and the strong will the real Lincoln had. Abe has had visions of the real Abraham Lincoln talking to him once after looking at a 5-dollar bill and when he smoked raisins. There are some allusions to the real Lincoln such as Abe's license plate is 1865, the year of Lincoln's assassination and once Abe recited a speech by the real Lincoln to stop Cleo and Joan from fighting.


  • Possibly to help differentiate him from the Original Abraham Lincoln, the clone, Abraham Lincoln, goes by "Abe", which himself, his friends, enemies, and even parents and teachers go along with. Not once in the series has anyone fully addressed him as "Abraham".
  • Despite his hair being brown, his beard is black.
  • He is the second tallest student at Clone High, with Genghis Khan being the first.
  • Abe is the captain of the basketball team.
  • It is unknown, whether he loves Joan or Cleo more, or who he'll ultimately end up with. The creators confirmed that they never canonized an answer, intentionally leaving this story arc unfinished forever.
  • In the 2014 film "The Lego Movie", also produced by Clone High creators, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, a Lego version of Abraham Lincoln made an appearance, also being voiced by Will Forte.