Catherine the Great
Catherine the Great (clone mother)
Voiced By:
Murray Miller
First Appearence:


She is one of the most popular kids in school and quite possibly one of the sluttiest. She speaks in a Valley Girl accent. She has been romantically involved with JFK and was attracted to Gandhi when he dressed up like JFK.

Appearance Edit

She's a slender 16-year-old girl with short, rolled-up blonde hair. She wears a teal tank top and white pants.

Episodes Where She is ProminentEdit

Raisin the Stakes: a Rock Opera in Three Acts : Smokes raisins in JFK's van.

Litter Kills: Litteraly -Hangs out with Caesar, Abe, Cleo, Ponce and JFK at the beginning. Later eats popcorn at Ponce's funeral.

Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode : Goes to Cleo's party and gets doused in goat's blood.

Makeover Makeover Makeover: The Makeover Episode -Asks Gandhi to prom, later cancels when he stops being GFK.

Changes -Goes to prom with JFK

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