Cleo's Drunk Foster Mom
Cleo (foster daughter), Gandhi (ex-foster son)
First Appearance:
A.D.D: the Last D is for Disorder
Last Appearance:
Snowflake Day
Voiced By:
Nicole Sullivan

Cleo's Drunk Foster Mom is Cleo's foster mother. She doesn't work but instead receives disability checks. She may have married at one time as Gandhi said that Cleo convinced her "parents" to disown him.


She drinks most of the day and is always drunk. She can act violent but that wasn't shown. She easily freaks out in front of other people so they can fell sorry for her or she is just simply nuts.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Cleopatra is her foster daughter. She is jealous of Cleo because she is pretty and popular and she isn't. Apparently she used to be in school, however. She throws makeup at Cleo whenever the Vodka runs out.


She and Toots are in a relationship. When Toots's and Joan's house burnt down she took them in. They are into S&M.


She never really acknowledges Joan, but doesn't seem to mind her presence.


In Plane Crazy she invites Abe over to "party" and in A Room of One's Clone she wants to play spin the bottle with him.


Gandhi was her foster son for ten years, but Cleo convinced her that he wasn't good enough for her image and had him transferred to another home. Her abusive nature doesn't seem to have the same affect on Gandhi as it did on Cleo.

Episode AppearancesEdit

A.D.D.: the Last D is for Disorder -Is at the PTA meeting

Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations -Gives Cleo her acceptance letter and hits on Abe.

A Room of One's Clone -Lets Toots and Joan move in with her and Cleo.

Snowflake Day - Tries to tell Joan the importance of good manners, but is too drunk.

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