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Cleo's House
Place of Residence
First Appearence:
Last Appearence:
Changes: The Big Prom: the Sex Romp

Cleo's House is a home in Exclamation, USA.

Exterior Appearance Edit

It is a tall green house with a window in the attic and a window on the side. Cleo and Joans bedroom also has a window with a latter. It has a deck with a two person swing in the front.

Interior AppearanceEdit

The front door opens in front of the stairs with the living room to the left. There is a bathroom on the main floor and another in Cleo's bedroom. The house is rather messy inside and most of the furniture is covered. Cleo and Joan's bedroom has pink walls, a large vanity and a homemade bunk bed. The walls are covered in pictures of Cleo, with one picture of toots hanging near Joan's bed. There is also a french window with a window seat. There is also a sound proof basement.

List of People Who Reside HereEdit

Cleo's Drunk Foster Mom




Episode AppearancesEdit

Sleep of Faith-Cleo sleeps in her bed while Abe reads a textbook to her.

A Room Of Ones Clone-Abe and Cleo are making out in Cleo's room at the beginning and later Joan and Toots move in.

Litter Kills: Litteraly-Joan is reading on her bed and Abe comes in threw the window for advice.

Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode-Cleo hosts a party in her living room.

Makeover Makeover Makeover: The Makeover Episode-Joan cries in front of the mirror, later her new makeover is presented in the front hall.

Changes-JFK and Abe pick up Joan and Cleo here.

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