Cleopatra "Cleo" Smith

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Cleopatra VII (clone mother), Drunk Foster Mom
Voiced By:
Christia Miller
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Cleopatra Smith is the clone of Cleopatra VII of Egypt.


Cleopatra Smith is the self-proclaimed queen bee of Clone High and the object of Abe's affection. Popular, beautiful social, smart but is very vain, cruel and questionable at times. She is captain of the cheerleading team and former student body president. Cleo in her own eyes sees herself as a queen who deserves to be worshipped by her fellow classmates even behaving in that fashion. She is also is very promiscuous and sleeps around a lot which Joan insults her for. She has feelings for both Abe and JFK, but she starts to fall in love with Abe and sees him as a better boyfriend than JFK though at one point she has an attraction to Joan when she disguises herself as John Dark, after finding out John is Joan she claims that sleeping with Joan would have been hot. She also appears to be bourgeous or upper middle class household and as she regularly shows contempt towards poor people.


Cleopatra is portrayed as very mean, self-asorbed, manipulative, competitive, jealous and short-tempered and is a parody of the stereotypically popular high school girl. She is very snobby, vain and cares only about her appearance and her social image. She is very rude and shows lack of consideration for other peoples' feelings. She is very intelligent but tends to cover up by acting superficial and vapid. She loves being the center of attention and can easily play people for her own selfish interests. Though very arrogant and mean, she is sometimes nice as shown when she gave Joan a makeover to boost her confidence, gave up some of her vanity to date Abe Lincoln who is unpopular and consoled JFK in order to help him cope Ponce's tragic death.

She is also very sexy, libidinous and seductive, she tends to be sexually promiscuous which is something she doesn't hide often or appear to be ashamed of. She appears to be uninhibited as she even flirted with President Dog.



Images of Ancient Egyptian women which are the basis of Cleopatra's appearance

Cleopatra is fashioned after the Ancient Egyptian Heiroglyptic paintings found on the walls of the ruins of Ancient Egypt. Cleo has the same stylized and exotic appearance with dark skin, wears kohl around her eyes, has blue (or red) eye shadow, has big black hair with two big golden earrings. Cleo wears a blue (red or orange) headband, a white tank top which shows her large cleavage and a tight black miniskirt to show her voluptuous figure and wear pumps. At night she sleeps in sexy lingerie and is sometimes seen in her cheerleading uniform. At the prom she wore a tight, revealing and seductive red dress.

Cleo's original design during the development of Clone High School, USA! was similar to her current design in the show, however he appears more human-like and proportional, yet wears the same clothing. However she also is seen with traditional Egyptian markings on her face and has a more decent and smaller chest. She also seen carrying her books and walking in a stereotypical Egyptian style which is also seen during the beginning of the first episode Escape from Beer Mountian.

Relationship with Cleopatra VIIEdit

Though Cleo in the series appears as a beautiful, native Egyptain girl, the real Cleopatra was mentioned as of Macedonian descent but still dressed and acted Egyptian. She also wasn't very beautiful either but was still very attractive, intelligent, charismatic and seductive in her own right. Cleopatra like JFK, feels like she's doing a great job living up to her clone-mother and is the queen bee of her school. In comparison with the real Cleopatra, Cleo is very manipulative, sneaky, insincere and cunning and can easily control others. She has a large collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts in her room such as a full-sized sarcophagus (which was later stolen by Mandy Moore) and she has a crook and a flail kept in her locker shown in Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations.


Abe Lincoln: At first Cleo didn't care about Abe though she did flirt with him, she simply enjoyed teasing him but when she and Abe began spending time together she realized he was a really nice guy and truly respected and loved her unlike other guys who only like her for her looks. She began to fall in love with also but was torn with her "feelings" for JFK. She feels bad about the times she mistreated him for her own selfish reasons and starts to reform. Though she eventually she decided that Abe was for her and they began a relationship but it was only to be jeopordized when Abe realizes he loves Joan.

Joan of Arc: At first Cleopatra didn't even acknowledge Joan and could care less about her. Joan hated Cleo for stealing Abe's affection. Typically Cleo would make fun of Joan and look down on her because of her lack of popularity. However when Cleo is forced to let Joan stay with her, she is pissed and brings her anger out on Joan who is equally angry at Cleo they eventually get in a nasty catfight but somewhat reconcile at the end. Cleo later decides to help Joan by giving her a makeover for the Winter Prom turning her into a trashy-looking bimbo. Cleo and Joan later get into a conflict when Cleo becomes aware of Abe's attraction to Joan and gives Joan a nasty warning to stay away from her boyfriend.

Gandhi: Cleo was originally Gandhi's foster sister but at a young age she convinced her parents to disown Gandhi and put him in the care of new foster parents a Jewish couple. Even when Gandhi had donated a kidney to Cleo when she was in pain, she still dislikes him and sees him as a nerd and a spaz. She finds him repulsive especially when he tries to flirt with her. She is shown to tolerate him at times but still dislikes him.

JFK: Originally Cleopatra's feelings for JFK were questionable since she only wanted to date him because it would be good for her social image. It is often joked that their relationship is simply a sexual one. The two appeared as being detached and would often argue and fight over stupid things. They also cheat on one another. Even after she leaves him to be with Abe she is still good friends with JFK and is shown to generally still care about him. She might still have feelings for him as she was the only one who supported him emotionally when he was depressed after Ponce's death.

Others: Cleo is very popular at school and is friends with Catherine the Great, Helen of Troy, Mary Queen of Scots, Julius Caesar, Marie Antoinette, The Brontes, President Dog and Ashley Angel.

Voice ActressEdit

Cleo is voiced by Christa Miller (credited as Christa Miller-Lawrence). Christa Miller is an actress and former model who is known for her roles in The Drew Carry Show, Seinfield, Cougar Town and most famously her role as Jordan in Scrubs. She is the wife of Bill Lawrence, one of the co-creatrors and producer of Clone High, he also produced Scrubs, Spin City and Cougar Town.


Cleo and Gandhi are the only two main clones to have never sat at the thinking docks.

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