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Clone High High School
High School
Cinnemon J. Scudworth
School Colors
Orange and Green
Sports Teams:
Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Cheerleading squad
Solid Gandhi Dancers

Clone High High School is the school the teenagers of Clone High go to. Although controlled secretly by government the school have has poor classroms and students appear to have very little restriction or any discipline. Most of the time, the students are out of class.


The school is shaped like letter C and is high tech.


The classrooms are average at best. The chalkboards will slide open and reveal a giant screen in which Scudworth will make announcements to the class.


The gym is modern and has a weight room and locker rooms. Though it is very fragile and even black-soled shoes can damage it.


The cafeteria mostly has good food.


Clone High Faculty

Clone High appears as understaffed and having very few teachers.

Principal Scudworth - also doubles as the school counselor.

Vice Principal Butlertron

Mr. Sheepman - The history teacher.

Coach Eleanor Roosevelt - The gym teacher and coach.

Hall Moniters - Despite their name, They are security guards and they will bust into a classroom and remove a student if ordered by the teacher.


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