Since I've been a big fan of clone high I've notice some stuff that was hidden in other projects in Phil lord and Christopher Miller's work. Clone high may connect to other media by them. In the lego movie, mr.butlertron's voice can be heard from several of lord business's robots. For example there is a scene where bat man and Benny try to get in to the octan building. A robot talks and acts like mr.butlertron. In 21 jump street shmit and jenko represent Gandhi and Abe but the movie acts like the final episode, the raisin episode, and the film festival episode. Gandhi's case of A.D.D is the drug H.F.S and Wi-Fi. In 22 Jump Street at the beginning the announcer from all of the episodes is in the beginning and says last time on 21 Jump Street. The episode with rasins is represented with H.F.S and how it works on Gandhi when Jenko and Shmit use the drug. Gandhi's step parents are in 21 Jump Street. There Shmit's parents. Dave Franco (sorry can't remember names) represents JFK and the gay kid in the Gang is one of JFK's gay parents.the party scene in jump street is the first episode of clone high. In cloudy with a chance of meatballs the Mayor represents dr.scuddworth in his selfish and stupid nature. Sardine land is represented like clony island. Sam represents Joan since she has a crush on Abe and is so angry that she could kiss him. Flynn is represented like Abe since he is the village genius and idiot. Brent represents JFK because he was very popular and soon lost it. Chief, Mr.T, and Flynn's dad are represented by JFK's other gay dan and the police officer. Cleopatra is in the beginning of 21 Jump Street when Shmit asks a girl out to prom. She is cute and sounds very stupid. That's all the information I've gathered and sorry for spelling errors.