Episode Two: Election Blu-Galoo is the second episode of Clone High. It was written by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.


JFK and Abe both run for School Presedent. Meanwhile Scudworth gets the school a corporate sponser, X-tream Blu.

Guest StarsEdit

Marilyn Manson as Himself

Sarah Chalk as the blonde X-tream Blu exsecutives.


Food Pyramid preformed by Marilyn Manson, Joan, Abe, Gandhi, JFK, Scudworth and Mr. B.

Pop-Culture ReferencesEdit

  • One of the students calls Gandhi a Smurf.
  • Scudworth says "I watched the first two thirds of the MC Hammer behind the music. Behind The Music is a show about the biographies of musicians, and MC Hammer is a rapper best known for the song "Can't Touch This".

Historical ReferencesEdit

  • When Abe says "If only I knew what fears and insecurities where holding me back" there is a painting of the Abraham Lincoln assassination.

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