Film Fest: Tears of a Clone

Film Fest


Film Fest: Tears of a Clone is the fourth episode of Clone High. It was written by Erica Rivinoja and originally aired on Sunday, November 17th 2002.


The school holds a film fest and Joan, Gandhi, Abe, George Washington Carver, JFK and Cleo all submit films. Meanwhile, Scudworth gets ready for the Board of Shadowy Figures to come to dinner.




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  • Cleo and JFK are still not on good terms, after breaking up in the last episode.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • Principal Scudworth likes Olive Garden, because it feels like he's eating in a stereotypical Italian's kitchen.
  • JFK refers to his couch as the "Casting Couch", in reference to a video trend, made mostly popular on PornHub, where amateur girls sit on a couch, interviewing to be porn stars, and then prove their skills by having sex with the interviewer. This is pretty much the same thing JFK was doing for his "movie", which very well could have been a porno.
  • Cleo promises that her movie will involve a soundtrack from SmashMouth.
  • Cleopatra's movie and the production that goes into it, is a reference to a scrapped Angelina Jolie movie that was never finished, due to Angelina having a "falling out" with her director, Ang Lee. [1] Here, Cleo is a stand in for Angelina, while Ang Lee is featured as the real director and Cleo acts like a spoiled brat, acting unnecessarily rude to Ang. Only difference is, here, he tolerates it and goes through with the film.

Historical ReferencesEdit

  • Shadowy Figure tells Scudworth, that he's walking on "Karen Carpenter thin ice". This is a reference to Karen Carpenter becoming an anorexic.