Mahatma Gandhi (clone father), Foster Dad, Foster Mom
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Micheal MacDonald
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Char gandhi
Gandhi is a character from the animated sitcom Clone High. He is the clone of Mohandas "Mahatma" Karamchand Gandhi


Gandhi is an outcast at school. He is often considered annoying and a "spaz" by his classmates. However, Gandhi's desire is to be popular and constantly seeks acceptance by those around him. He is the class clown, life of the party and is a lazy, irresponsible and underachieving slacker. He also suffers from A.D.D. He plays the schools mascot, DNA Dan. He often serves as the comic relief and is best friends of Abe and Joan.


Gandhi is very optimistic, hyperactive, talkative and energetic teenage slacker. The creaters described him as being a "party animal with a heart of gold". According to him in the first episode he buckled under the pressure of living up to the real Gandhi and became a non-stop party animal. He can often be found to be annoying and stupid but kind and outgoing at times. Gandhi is often portrayed as selfish, arrogant and superficial but in the same fashion that all teenagers are. He tends to find trouble even when he tries to do good. He is often hinted to be very intelligent but hides it with his outrageous behavior and underachieving.

Relationship with Real Mahatma GandhiEdit

There are both similarities and differences between
Mahatma gandhi 111808

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi the clonefather of Gandi

Gandhi and the real Gandhi. For one Gandhi is known for being bizarre and unusual similar to the real Gandhi was originally seen as by British. Also Gandhi is obsessed with getting laid as opposed to the real Gandhi who practiced celibacy (though the real Gandhi was said to have been a hardcore womanizer). Also Gandhi is hinted to be a pacifist as he choose not to defend himself when JFK challenged him to a fistfight which resulted in Gandhi getting punched on the chin and kicked in the ribs this could allude to the real Gandhi's principles of nonviolence.


Gandhi is a Gujarati Indian who stands very short, very skinny and has dark skin. He is bald, wears round-rimmed glasses and has a black mustache and goatee. He wears a gray short-sleeved shirt with a red stripe, blue jeans, white and red sneakers, and a gold earring on his right ear.


His character was seen as offensive by East Indian viewers, and it is said that some even protested outside of MTV's headquarters, going so far as to go on hunger strikes to get the show cancelled.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit


Abe and Gandhi have been best friends since they where babies, however Abe seems to spend more time with Joan and Cleo then with Gandhi. The two share "Best Dudes 4-Ever" lockets, as reveiled in A.D.D.: the Last D is for Disorder.


It is usually assumed that Joan and Gandhi have been friends as long as Gandhi and Abe. Gandhi knows about Joan's crush on Abe but never says anything about it to him.


Gandhi appears to be attracted to Cleo as he once asked her to kiss him and has peeks at her getting undressed at night. Cleo however hates Gandhi and finds him gross. Gandhi revealed he used to be her foster brother until Cleo convinced her parents at a young age to disown Gandhi as he was hurting her image. Even after Gandhi donated his kidney to Cleo when she was in terrible pain. Cleo as her typical snobby self ignores that. Gandhi, just like Joan, developed a hatred for Cleopatra after a while, as he becomes aware that Cleo is trying to break up his and Abe's friendship because it would be bad for her image.


JFK and Gandhi have an ongoing rivalry which escalated in the episode a Room of One's Clone. However, in the episode Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations they teamed up to record a single that would later go on to be a number one hit. In Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: the Makeover Episode JFK bet his own reflection he could get Gandhi a prom date. When JFK gives him a makeover, the two get along pretty well until JFK accidentally reveals he only did it as a bet.

Marie CurieEdit

Marie Curie and Gandhi are both on the school's dance squad, "The Solid Gandhi Dancers". In Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: the Makeover Episode it is revealed that Marie has a crush on him. Though Gandhi seems not to return her affection because he is very superficial, however he decides she is the only girl who actually likes him, and in the next episode, Gandhi and Marie get together at prom.


Gandhi and Cleo are the only two main clones to have never sat at the thinking docks.

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