Glen the Janitor

Glrn the jaintor

Ponce de León (cloneson)
Voiced By
Neil Flynn
First Appearence

Glen the Janitor is Ponce's foster father, who works as the janitor of Clone High High School. He appeared in "Litter Kills: Litterally". He is voiced by Neil Flynn.


In "Litter Kills: Litterally", Glen was happily cleaning up the garbage, left behind by the careless and intentionally polluting students of Clone High High School, simply laughing it off, as though this is a normal thing that kids do.

When Poncey died, Glen gave his eulogy at his funeral, but was interrupted by Principal Scudworth, telling him to clean up a kid's vomit in another room. Glen asked if he could at least finish his son's eulogy, but Scudworth argued that vomit needs to be cleaned as quickly as possible before it sets in and reminds him that his son will still be dead when he gets back.


Glen seems like a nice, cheerful, and overall good guy. However, throughout the episode, he keeps getting screwed over by Principal Scudworth, and gets getting put through Hell, tearing him apart and making him more depressed with every event. Glen, being as non-vengeful as he is, allowed people to treat him this way, without retaliating in any way.


  • He is voiced by Neil Flynn, the same actor, who played Glen Matthews, another janitor character with the same first name, from the NBC hospital comedy-drama, Scrubs.
    • Contrarily, Glen the Janitor's personality is the opposite of the janitor from Scrubs. In Scrubs, Glen is condescending, rude, and easy to anger. In Clone High, Glen is an overly happy, virtually unbreakable man, with unbridled respect for others.