Joan of Arc & The Voice

Joan hears what she thinks is the voice of God. The original Joan of Arc purports to have heard the same thing directing her to lead the French against the English. Also, they recount the story of Joan of Arc.

Paul Revere

Paul Revere warned the Americans that the British were coming.

Jesus Christ

Jesús ("Hey-zeus") Cristo hangs out in the woodshop and accidentally nail-guns his hand to a workbench. This is obviously Jesus Christ's clone. Kudos to Dr. Scudworth for finding Jesus' DNA.Its possible that he used the blood from Shroud of Turin and that Jesus is just a clone of human side of Jesus , but not and his divine side.

Marie Curie's mutated DNA left her clone grotesquely deformed. This stands to reason, as Polish-born French chemist and Nobel-Prize winner Marie Curie (1867-1934) died of leukaemia that she received from her pioneering work with Radium, a radioactive element.

Attila the Hun

A woman at the PTA meeting says, "I don't want that diseased freak going near my Attila!" about Gandhi. Presumably this is Attila's foster mom and she is worried about her delicate child. Attila the Hun was a great barbarian ruler who attacked the Roman Empire. ("Attila" is spelled incorrectly in the closed captioning.)


An astronaut says, "I don't really think it's safe for Gandhi to wander around without a space suit." I'm not sure exactly who this astronaut is, maybe Neil Armstrong, though the original is still with us (not that it's a requirement that the DNA donor be dead).