Litter Kills: Litterally is the tenth episode of Clone High. It was written by Murray Miller and Judah Miller. It originally aired on Sunday January 19th.


JFK's longtime best friend, Ponce dies. Joan tries to get everyone to stop littering and Gandhi is mistakenly sent to death row. Meanwhile Scudworth conspires against Glen the janitor.

Guest StarsEdit

Luke Perry as Ponce De Lion



The Meaning of Goodbye by James Stuart

Sunny Day by Abandoned Pools


  • When Gandhi steps through the wide prison bars it parodies the longtime animation rule that jail bars have to be wide enough to see the characters entire face.
  • JFK is playing a "Super Mario Bros." game on a Nintendo Gameboy.
  • At Ponce's funeral the picture keeps changing between one of Ponce and one of Ponce and JFK.

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JFK: "Now Mario's dead..............I'm killing everyone.........oh.......why couldn't Ponce have had 3 lives like Mario?!?"

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