Makeover Makeover Makeover: The Makeover Episode

Cleo with her Makeover at Thinking Docks


Makeover Makeover Makeover: the Makeover Episode is the twelth episode of Clone High. It was written by Eric Kentoff and originally aired on Monday Febuary 3rd 2003.


On a very special part one of a very special two part season finale of Clone High, the prom is coming up. Abe gives Joan a makeover, so some other guy will go with her. JFK gives Gandhi a makeover, so he'll actually have chances with the ladies, and Principal Scudworth gets pissed off as John Stamos and somehow a makeover is worked into the plot.




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  • I Want You Prom Posters
    Abe's prom posters of Joan of Arc have the following bullet points.
    • Janeane Garafalolesque
    • Good Birthing Hips
    • Shaved
    • Not Religious
  • Joan of Arc says she's never had a mother. She must have also never had a father either, given that her only care taker, Toots is referenced to as her "foster grandfather".
  • Cleopatra feels sympathy for the first time, when hearing about how Joan never had a foster mother, but quickly snaps out of it.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

Historic ReferencesEdit

  • Marie Antoinette and Anne Boleyn gets decapitated by a helicopter. Both of their original clonemothers died from decapitation.
  • Nostradamus' promposal to Helen of Troy involved him coming out of a Trojan Horse.
  • Nostradamus said he knew that Helen of Troy would reject his promposal, in reference to his clonefather's so-called ability to predict the future.
  • Gandhi bets Susan B. Anthony a dollar that she has an addiction to friction. This is a reference to the discontinued and short-lived form of U.S. currency, The Susan B. Anthony Dollar.
  • The "I Want You" prom posters of Joan of Arc are an obvious parody on the Uncle Sam Posters.