Marie Antoinette


Marie Antoniette (clone mother)
Voiced By:
Sarah Chalke

Marie Antoinette is a clone of the original Marie Antoinette


She is one of the popular kids. She has a school job at the Grassy Knoll as a waitress. In episode twelve her head gets cut off, but this does not kill her. She speaks with a French accent although the original Marie Antoinette was Austrian.

Appearance Edit

Marie Antoinette has big, beehive-styled blonde hair with rolled locks at the sides, freckles on her right cheek and a small heart on her left cheek and breast ( a birthmark ). She wears a pink shirt with cap sleeves, dark pink pants, and a pink choker. As a waitress at the Grassy Knoll, she wears the standard Grassy Knoll uniform.

Episodes Where She is ProminentEdit

A Room Of Ones Clone: Pie of the Storm -Is the subject of JFK and Gandhi's boob jokes

Makeover Makeover Makeover: The Makeover Episode -Is decapitated, but back to life in the next episode.

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