Marie Curie


Ghandi (Boyfriend)
Marie Curie (Clone mother)
First Appearance:
Voiced By:

Marie Curie is horribly deformed due to her clone mother's mutated DNA (Marie Curie died from radiation poisoning). She is the president of the school's dance troupe, the Solid Gandhi Dancers. She likes to dance and even professional dancers can learn from her. Marie is very sweet, helpful and active in school. She has a crush on Gandhi. When she found out that he had A.D.D. she tried to warn him to go before something horrible happens. She was disgusted with Gandhi and Abe kissing but she got past that. She has also laughed at the idea of a girl playing basketball, but wanted Joan to shoot free throws in the homecoming basketball game against GESH (Genetically Engineered Superhuman High). For the prom she tried to ask Gandhi to go with her, but because of Gandhi's 'GFK' acting she rejected him, calling him an ass. Surprisingly, she and Gandhi end up together in a platonic love relationship because they were still young for something serious. Sadly, she was with everyone else that got frozen in the meat locker, standing next to Gandhi as they discovered what have JFK and Joan had done.

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