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Abe joan

pencil drawing from this episode

Plane Crazy: Gate Expectations is the seventh episode of Clone High. It was written by Tom Martin and originally aired on Sunday December 8th, 2002.


Cleo wants the first kiss between her and Abe to be perfect. She later gets accepted into Ashley Angel's spring break dance acadamy in Canada. Meanwhile Gandhi wants to be a rap sensation and sneaks a demo, that he recorded with JFK, into Cleo's pocket when she goes to Canada. It makes it on the show and becomes a huge hit. Also Scudworth has an ongoing rivelry with a skunk.

Guest StarsEdit

  • Ashley Angel as himself


Don't Let It Fade by Sundays Best

G-Spot Rocks the G-Spot

Your a G O'l Flag


  • The second half of the title comes from the Charles Dickens book Great Expectations.

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