Ponce "Poncie" de León


Ponce de León (clonefather), Glen the janitor (adoptive father)
Voiced By:
Luke Perry
First Appearence:

Ponce “Poncie” de León was JFK's former best friend for life, but he was murdered by trash litter in episode 10. He at time was the most popular student at school and everyone admired him. As opposed to JFK, Poncie was very nice and caring and a deep intellectual.


He bears a strong resemblance to his voice actor Luke Perry. His character appears to be based on Fonzie from Happy Days. As well as Dylan McKay from the popular '90s teen soap opera Beverly Hills, 90210 (who was actually played by Luke Perry) and his death may be a reference to popular 1950s teen actor James Dean (who he also resembles).


Despite his friendship with JFK and his high social status at Clone High, Poncie did not appear in any episodes prior to the one in which he was killed. This is intended as a parody of various television shows in which new characters are introduced for the sole purpose of being killed off; such characters are often established as long-time friends of the main cast, even though the audience has never seen or heard about them before.

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