Throughout Raisin the Stakes: A Rock Opera in Three Acts there is a bunch of subliminal messages, mostly promoting Clone High.

At the very beginning of the episode there is a flash right after Abe roars. If stopped just right you can see an image of DNA Dan with a record player saying "Let's go to the Darkside"

The Second subliminal Message comes right after the commerical break. This time it features a raisin smoking up a raisin doobie.

The third message says that Scudworth is your favorite character! It shows up right as Scudworth takes the floor at the PTA meeting to declare his plan to build a giant fence.

The fourth message isn't exactly one at all. While Abe and Cleo are on the roof talking about going to first and a half base, there is a sudden flash. If you stop it at the right moment you find them both nude with only little pink flowers covering Cleo .

The Fifth subliminal message comes when JFK falls into the PTA meeting and starts talking weirdly. If you play backwards you get a message that says "I am talking backward and telling you to watch clone high and for us to get an emmy and i'm saying that backwards...because it's sneaky."

The sixth subliminal message came when JFK was singing in a wheelchair. There is a flash which when stopped at the right moment you see a message that forshadows Ponce's death.

The seventh message comes when Abe's hallucinations cast him as the son of God (played by his clone father) and Joan provides the Mary Magdalen as she re-sings "Ay-yay-yay-yabe" forlornly as she did in the opening number.

The final message comes right at the end of the show right in front of Daniel Feltsbar that says "for more information about raisins consult yoru local library."

Near the and of the Season One (and as yet, the Series) Finale, when Abe bursts in on JFK and Joan (who have just finished having sex), Joan's breasts are shown for one scene. Thet are "censored" by the words "Nice Try," one over each breast.