Secret Board of Shadowy Figures is a ruthless and secretive government organization who employs Principal Scudworth and is sponsored by Puma. They appear as a parody of the CIA, Secret Service, NSA and Area 51. Their ultimate aim is to use the clones for a super army. The organization consists primarily of aged white male agents.

Main leader

Its chief director is referred to as The Shadowy Figure (voiced by Bill Lawrence). He is aware of Scudworth's craziness and incompetence in running Clone High. Though for the most part, he has shown amnesty as he gave Scudworth numerous times to redeem himself. He finally decides to kill Scudworth and takes the clones away for experimentation after discovering his video tape of his plot to betray the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures and create "Cloney Island". He also secretly hired many celebrities to spy on the clones and Scudworth. He may be lactose intolerant.


They all wear blue paramilitary uniforms complete with ribbon bars and in the Episode Two they are seen wearing Pumas sneakers.